Top Definition
1:someone who goes into another country, and takes over, but dies
2:someone that is really retarded and gets him/herself shot 'cause he/she evades a country
3:last of all, a kylenize word for douche, ass, fuck, retard
1:hi im takin' over your country hahaha... huh (heart attack) bleh (dead
2: im in yo country now bitches (pchoo) who the fuck popped a cap in my ass!?
person1:fuck you asshole
person2:you flimflobbler you cant even pronounce it right...
person1:then how is it pronounced
person1:what the hell is that!!
person2:it's how you pronounce it
person1: o then fuck you flimflobbler and i think i fucked her up the flimflobbler
by i... am god October 25, 2008

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