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This term denotes face value; meaning to "take off" and take something (an idea, remark or concept) without any type of consideration or feelings pertaining to.
" I don't think you wanna ask this person if they're gay or not. Although you probably mean well, some people may take offense and go into 'flight mode' and / or 'fight mode' "
by ima90sbb February 25, 2009
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A feature on many modern-day smartphones that disconnects from all networks. Originally intended for when boarding an aircraft but can also be used when you want to temporarily avoid someone by not letting him/her reach you via phone/text based means.
"Man! Sam's been bitching at me about last night. I just sent her a text telling her to f*ck off and went into flight mode.. I'll deal with her later when this hangover goes away!"
by Kuwlij_ October 26, 2011
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intentionally ignoring your friends attempt to get hold of you through any medium
Have you got hold or her yet?? no... that bitch has gone into flight mode again
by JD1883 May 16, 2016
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