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Acronym for "I just don't give a fuck"
Person A: Aren't you going to study?

Person B: Nope.

Person A: Why, you're gonna fail?

Person B: Ijdgaf.
by ima90sbb February 11, 2009
Text messaging
We chated in IM and TM
by ima90sbb January 06, 2009
a. crazy; in a zealous sense.

b. "to start" with, on, or off something / someone.

c. explicate concern.
a. "yo, that fight was off rip!"

b. "if i was ever 'bout to scrap, i'd know this person got my back off rip."

b. "off rip, you really erkin me right now, tho."
by ima90sbb February 02, 2009
To keep it genuine, full circle and all the way around; probably the realist of real.
"Keep it 360, my nig"
by ima90sbb February 16, 2009
A silly/quirky way of saying "K", often used in IM and "TM (text messaging)" conversations.
Person A: Meet u 5 mins, k?
Person B: k-lmnop
Person A: lol
by ima90sbb January 06, 2009
Acknowledgment; spoken appreciation and / or agreement
Person A; Those some dope kicks, my dude...

Person B: That's what it is

by ima90sbb February 26, 2009
A sudden and sometimes involuntary act of confrontation and / or physical arguing with a person or persons.
Person A automatically went into "fight mode" as soon as Person B called them out their name.
by ima90sbb February 25, 2009

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