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A long poking implement usually found strapped to the head of a Spastic to assist them in pressing computer keys and panic buttons also known as Mong Prong
Little Timmy's life has got so much better since we got him that Flid Stick, he spends all day on his laptop now tapping away like a Woodpecker with Parkinsons
by Kingguff January 14, 2015
Used as a common insult, related to the word flid. (The word flid originally comes from a baby with no arms or legs). Advancement of the word flid. This is a flid on a stick. Flidstick.

Not to be mistaken for Flidspics.
You're such a flidstick
Fecking flidstick
(random stranger falling over in street) 'FLIDSTICK' (observer)
by JonathonBruce March 18, 2007

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