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retarded, messed up, not made right
Did you see the way her legs wobble when she walks. She flicted man.
by Prime December 19, 2002
Referring to someone/something as goofy or abnormal. Used often in the metro DC area. Short for "Afflicted".
Dude that girl was flicted. She was missing half her right eyebrow!
by Rhino5551212 August 18, 2007
Adj. - Aflicted with a state of mental retardation that is between normality and legal retardation. More mild than being reflicted, fliction is often observed in politicians, twilight fans, and emo kids.
Sarah showed that she was flicted when she exclaimed that she wanted to cut herself because Edward Cullen didn't love her...and then proceeded to listen to Dashboard Confessional.
by D4l014ism123 March 26, 2009
A phrase used by 40 year old women who try to be younger than what they are by having their tongue pierced and horrible boob jobs.
You're flicted for not wanting to eat road kill!!
by leroy010101 April 14, 2011
something fucked up, ugly ,gay mental or stupid
Jesus Christ! Joe! Pull your dick out of your mothers flicted face!!!
by pat m August 04, 2003
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