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retarded, messed up, not made right
Did you see the way her legs wobble when she walks. She flicted man.
by Prime December 19, 2002
Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard
by Prime December 22, 2002
Also, the hand gesture characterized by an upward pointing index finger moved in a circle.
by Prime December 17, 2002
Opposite of "east bumfuck", meaning right here
"Yo, I parked way the hell over in east bumfuck! Where you at?"
"Right here in West Jesus."
by Prime December 20, 2002
A really fat person.
"See that fat-ass that just walked in?"
"Yeah, she's definitely a two-stooler."
by Prime December 22, 2002
Abbreviation for good call
"Hey, let's go get drunk."
by Prime December 22, 2002
the act of consuming dextromethorphan products in a rapid manner
chugit you narc!!!!!
by prime December 07, 2004

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