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to change suming's position, to either an upright stance or to get it away from u.
I'll flip da bird at dat kid if he keeps grillin me. Or, flick day dead skin off u.
by bayode fashemi May 17, 2003
Flick (verb): to drug or poison something that is to be consumed, unbeknownst to the subject (victim).
Nurse! Y'all flicked my nachos didn't you? I'm not eating them.
by V1R4L August 16, 2010
A flick is a female dancer such as a stripper or a pole dancer. A beautiful woman who loves to dance and have a good time.
Check out that flick on the pole
by phsyco paradise October 21, 2010
The collective noun for several Frisbee flying discs. Often used among disc golf or Ultimate afficionados.
"Are you ready for the big Ultimate tournament this weekend?" "Yeah, I got a flick of frisbees in the back of my car."
by DanGarPrius April 12, 2010
graffiti slang for a photograph, especially one of a piece of graffiti. Can be a noun or a verb.
I just got a flick of that Jaber wholecar.

Did you flick that Jaber wholecar?

I saw some flicks of your sisters tits.
by irishxpride June 02, 2005
A person, usually somewhat of a social reject, that embodies the annoying charactersitics of a Flee and a Tick
Let's get out of here man, here comes *name here*, and he's such a flick!
To dump or break up with.
Angelo cheated on Kate, so she gave him the flick.
by Mar1954 August 09, 2010
to be truant or to be absent from school without permission
"My friends and I flicked school today and went to the mall"
by ohio to nashville January 01, 2010