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to make things UN-cool or to jock the swag of someone.
such as status's,qutoes,
to fleshman or copy someones words,, such as yeah buddy,wine and dine, black betty, and all other things we say or do
by j ratchet December 06, 2011
a strange clan, yet pleasing to the eye. 80's pop star, billy idol, used these fine people as inspiration for his hit song "flesh for fantasy."
"we cry fleshman. FLESH FOR FANTASY!"
by old possum June 13, 2008
A derogatory term for a High School or College freshman student who dresses in a slutty or revealing manner, intentionally exposing an above-average amount of flesh.
Guy: Hey, did you see that new girl? The freshman?
Girl: Yea, she's a total fleshman.
by HeadHunterX11 October 18, 2015

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