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An engaging memory or series of memories of a particularly awesome sexual encounter which suddenly flood into a person's mind at a later date.Such memories can be of a sexual OR sensual nature or more usually both but always relate to memories of extreme pleasure rather than simply sex.Usually these fleshbacks will occur in the company of that same partner from the original sexual encounter due to the "trigger" effect of a subtle smile or glance or( if on the phone at the time ) a spoken word or even something as innocent as a pause in conversation where both people fall victim to the inherent sexual tension of the moment.A shorter definition would be "flash backs of the flesh".
"Oh babe...everytime you look at me that way I have fleshbacks to last year"
by WildWithWords April 28, 2005

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When, in movies or tv shows, there is a flashback to a sex scene or a nude moment - any glimpse of flesh.
"Man that guy keeps thinking back to when he saw that girl's tits through the window."
"Yeah, total fleshback."
by Tillyyyyyyy July 12, 2012