1. The male member on a female
2. The rocket in her pocket.
Dawwwg, stay away, she gotsa flenis
by Jay December 02, 2003
Top Definition
Common slang for a flaccid penis. Used when one is too lazy to say "flaccid penis" in its entirety.
Richard has by far the longest flenis in the entire building.
#penis #flaccid #floppy #weak #erect
by MacBeefin August 03, 2011
similar to the word jawn, except used to get a reaction from people who aren't familiar with the term. u get em, and sometimes they are valuable, and sometimes they're not.
me: aww man instead of my paycheck I got a coupon for five free flenises.

him: what... what is that?

me (yelling across the lawn): yo edmond, remember to bring the flenises!!!
him (yellnig back): what.. what the hell are you talking about?
#flenis #penis #fleece #genius #wenis
by mtfb April 28, 2010
The male genitalia, given wings... a flying penis
She says it's supposed to be an airplane, but we think it looks lke a penis with wings; aka Flenis...
#penis #phallus #member #winged #flying #soaring
by Goldie-Lou September 13, 2006
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