The male genitalia, given wings... a flying penis
She says it's supposed to be an airplane, but we think it looks lke a penis with wings; aka Flenis...
by Goldie-Lou September 13, 2006
Top Definition
Common slang for a flaccid penis. Used when one is too lazy to say "flaccid penis" in its entirety.
Richard has by far the longest flenis in the entire building.
by MacBeefin August 03, 2011
similar to the word jawn, except used to get a reaction from people who aren't familiar with the term. u get em, and sometimes they are valuable, and sometimes they're not.
me: aww man instead of my paycheck I got a coupon for five free flenises.

him: what... what is that?

me (yelling across the lawn): yo edmond, remember to bring the flenises!!!
him (yellnig back): what.. what the hell are you talking about?
by mtfb April 28, 2010
1. The male member on a female
2. The rocket in her pocket.
Dawwwg, stay away, she gotsa flenis
by Jay December 02, 2003
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