general nickname to describe buddies friends,or tag alongs

who are all the fleas downstairs???

stop bummin all my smokes FLEA!!!!
by rob June 07, 2003
One of the most remembered characters from Chrono Trigger.
Flea is a part of General Ozzie's threesome: Himself, Slash, and Flea.
Flea first appears as a girl (ample breasts, miniskirt, ponytail), but soon lays claim to the fact that he/she's a man. It is possible that Flea is a transsexual, but he/she could just as well be lying or crossdressing.

By using the item "Flea Vest" (a brassiere) Flea grew more powerful and transformed into Flea Plus, although aside from devastating Dual and Triple Techs with Slash and/or Ozzie, Flea Plus didn't fight much differently.

Flea's attack pattern usually includes many Spells, noticeably Status-inducing ones such as Chaos and Sleep.
As Flea Plus, Dual and Triple Techs such as Bad Impulse are added as counterattacks.

Known as Mayonnaise in the Japanese version.
"What the-- Hey! I'm a guy!"
"Male, female, what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power." -Flea
by Dr. Baconman April 20, 2006
Someone who is bad at what they do.
I ordered a big mac, and flea gave me a wopper!
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
a crazy, sexy girl who is friends with always in the Animeleague IRC and showing her love for everyone
Flea is soooo kawaii. I <3 her! wai!
by Ranee October 20, 2003
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