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when eating food so good that you let out an involuntary moan, usually the first bite; also as an adjective - flavorgasmic
I ate this unbelievable steak yesterday. I swear when I ate the first bite I had a total flavorgasm
by Hunt Ethridge November 17, 2004
A great tasting experience.
An orgasm of culinary magnitude.
I love ginger ale, it's a flavorgasm in my mouth.
by Crannston February 08, 2008
When a food or drink hits "the spot"
Cheesecake and coffee just gave me a flavorgasm.
by bobbyk724 February 01, 2009
When you eat something so good you moan and jizz your pants
Tabi: Man, I want some pancakes from iHop
Caitlin: Ew, the hashbrowns are better i totally get flavorgasms when I eat them
by c a i t l i n.m a l i k November 27, 2009
When an extremely delicious food and/or beverage enters your mouth. It produces a flavorgasm.
Dr. Pepper is like a flavorgasm in my mouth!
by Fireman 2555 February 11, 2011
An experience where a food provides such pleasure that you have an orgasm. These encounters are quite rare, but when happening, you will be sure to enjoy the moment.
Jack: How was that chicken tonight?
Jill: Oh it was tremendous. I had a flavorgasm.
by Jon1234567891011 August 18, 2009
When you have been craving a certain food for so long that when you finally eat it you need new pants.
All through that car ride I just wanted some Doritos so when I got home and ate some I had a flavorgasm.
by The Perfect Penguin July 06, 2009
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