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The goofiest member of Public Enemy; Chuck D's side kick.
Flavor Flav on the high tip, I'm your hydrate, so take a big sip.
by Danny Peterson January 05, 2004
The hurtest most ugliest motherfucker i've ever seen. I have seen some ugly people in my life but flavor flav just topped that and i think he'll be holding his place for a long while. Its easy to see why these girls want him, for this money and fame.
Flavor flav reminds me of a skinny gorilla.

Flavor flav is butt ugly.
by dumbdigitydum March 27, 2007
The darkest, ugliest human being to ever walk the planet.
"Billy recently took a dump that was the exact replica of Flavor Flav."
by Fatty McFatterson February 11, 2008
A walking, talking, human size piece of shit that wears a clock.
Why did they put a clock on a giant piece of shit, and why do they call it Flavor Flav?
by The Flying 69 May 27, 2008
The Cold Lamper - The Joker - The Juice - Sparkplug

The one and only Duracell; he keeps going, never stops

Practically the inventor of the rap sidekick and hype man, but took it to another level entirely

Controversial with reputed run ins with the law and street demons

Recently released his long awaited solo project appropriately titled, It's About Time

Enough Public Enemy songs recorded for a best of Flavor Flav disc; A list of Flavor Flav joints is bound to start any ____

Predecessor to Old Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang, Busta Rhymes, and creator of crazy styles now commonplace in the diversity of hip hop.

Visit Flavor Flav's Official Site at
Dat rhyme by Flavor Flav was ill yo!
by Chester July 27, 2003
A man who's ugly, old, talks like he has no education but gets hella bitches for unknown reasons.
"Flavor Flav, there's nothing physically or mentally attractive about you but I want to have sex with you."

"Flavor Flaaaav!"
by Juh-rae rae February 20, 2008
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