Flava Flav is a "Celeb"reality show phenom, first appearing on VHI's crap reality show "The Surreal Life", then later moving on to an even crappier reality show "Strange Love"...now he stars in a pretty good reality show, "Flavor of Love"

Gets a lot of PoonTang for a short, funny looking black man
"Watch out ladies, here comes Flava Flav..."

by AWK-47 February 01, 2006
rapper who loves to wear big clocks. he's in love with a girl named bridgette.
Flave Flav says, "I SMOKE ROCKS!"
by Zee February 13, 2005
A nickname used to described a very horny dude or dudette that hunts or preys on unsuspecting potential sexual acquaintances for a quick "dip" usually "auditioning them on a reality show" like in a bar!!! LMBFAO!
Flava Flav howz it going?

Wild!... had to send the cat home early, looking for another one tonight!
by Michael Oh! July 29, 2006
Acctualty, Flava Flav has moved on from Bridgette. He is no longer currently seeing her, she is married. He has a new show where women compete for his love and affection. He is doing fine, thanks for asking. flava flav 4 lyfe.
ie: flava flav loves New York, Sweetie, Peaches, Ms. Latin, Serious
by dorma kitten January 28, 2006
The biggest loser to come out of the rap game since Vanilla Ice.
He's so dark he looks like Daffy Duck without the bill.
by bigtones January 08, 2005
a girl with really big breasts or titties like Bridgette Nielsen
a girl with big tits walks by. the guys look at each other and say "Flava flav".
by pete skeet February 26, 2005

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