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A strange word with no real basis in any lanugage, flaucksnaurf is a ratio of your social level and the size of your genitalia. For females, it is the size of breasts. The flaucksnaurf is a totally useless ratio, but can be amusing to compare your flaucksnaurf to a friend's.

If s = social status value, g = genitalia size/breast value, and f = flaucksnaurf, then s/g = f.

Social status values:
Lower Lower Class = 1
Middle Lower Class = 2
Upper Lower Class = 3
Lower Middle Class = 4
Middle Middle Class = 5
Upper Middle Class = 6
Lower Upper Class = 7
Middle Upper Class = 8
Upper Upper Class = 9

For the size of the male genitalia, the value is the length in inches. For females, flaucksnaurf values are listed below.

A = 3
B = 5
C = 7
D = 9
DD = 11

The pattern continues, if you have breasts larger than the ones listed. So a DDDD (I don't believe it exists) would be 15, and so on.
Jim : I've got a flaucksnaurf of 1!
Bob : That's great for you, Jim.
Jim : Yes it is.
Ann : Hey Jim, nice flaucksnaurf.
Jim : Thanks!
Bob : ...
by HandMeTheWalrus February 01, 2006

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