A thin canteen able to be filled with alcohol.
"There were a lot of flasks with Hammer & Sickle emblems at the gun-show this Saturday. Too bad I'm 2 years shy of being able to drink. Plus if they saw the Hammer & Sickle I'd instantly be labeled a commie. Damn prejudice."
by Dave June 28, 2004
Top Definition
A small metal container used to carry booze. Also known as a "hip flask" to separate it from other types of flasks. A typical hip flask holds about four to eight ounces of liquor.

Using a flask is a decent way to drink in public if you're an old redneck at a Garth Brooks concert, but it's a pretty stupid way to drink in public if you want to drink while walking around a city or riding a bus. A soda, sports drink, or milk bottle with dark colored plastic works far better.
Jack got hauled to jail for drinking in public. The stupid bastard was drinking from a flask and a cop saw him. He should have used a Mountain Dew bottle.
by Rodney Munch June 24, 2006
You can't get ye flask!
"...and then you'd just have to sit there and imagine why on earth you can't get ye flask! Because the game certainly isn't gonna tell you. And you don't have any of those precious graphics to help you out, either." -Strong Bad
by Tom January 21, 2004
To punch a man in the balls when they ask for booze.
"Dude flask me." Wanting his bottle of booze.
*Flinches in pain as the nearest asshole punches him in the crotch.
by ballin69 September 17, 2007
Abbreviation of "Fresh Love and Sweet Kisses". Used by high school kids in south/east parts Asia.
Hey, Kim, you want FLASK?
No, but I can give you a SACK (Soft and Cute Kick).
by alphallus December 13, 2010
how bigs your erlenmier? FLASK!
The best tool of science ever
by sctso May 11, 2003
(as a noun or verb)
cum, jizz; or the action of cuming
Dude, is that flask on your cheek?

I was flasking everywhere last night.
by Jorge George February 06, 2008
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