a weird comical gesture
I dropped my baby! Flarp!
by nick alvinator January 19, 2005
Top Definition
Noun. A musical toy, also known as 'noise putty.' The noise coming from the toy 'flarp.' The best toy in the world. Makes fart like noises causing one to laugh continuously. If placed on a wooden surface, it sounds like farting on wooden chair.
Natalie cannot stop playing with the flarp. Carla cannot stop laughing about the flarp. The entire second floor can hear the flarp coming from room 212.
by Heather, Natalie, and Carla January 08, 2006
A replacement word for anything sex related
"Damn girl, I love the way you flarp." ;)

"Dang, I think I flarped too much last night."
by poopie head November 21, 2012
In music, a note that is so completely wrong or out-of-tune that it is impossible to determine whether it is flat or sharp.
"That last chord sounded pretty flarp to me."
by Mara the Obscure March 09, 2005
The onomatopoeia reference to the sound (or mixture of tones) produced by one or a combination of the following: 1. Traditional fart; 2. The Shart; 3. Sudden dung explosion (either the very first or very last poop shooter during defecation); 4. Lettin' the ooze flow; 5. Massive James Earl Jones Anal Room Shaker; 6. Papua New Guinea surprise (causes sudden pants or bed wetting and/or soiling); 7. Marlon Brando's Diaper Revenge.

note: Sometimes pronounced "flaaaarp!" or "flarp?"
Just as I thought that the populous ooze had quit its awful tantrum, my whole family reunion experienced a simultaneous sudden dung explosion creating a single, supersonic flarp that shattered gampy's brittle bones.
by Sean Foran August 14, 2007
Fatty parts of your body. Example: arm fat, leg fat, stomach fat
Example: arm fat, leg fat, stomach fat

I just hit you with my stomach flarp.
by Rae Marie 0955 December 30, 2013
Noun: The floppy part of skin underneath your chin. Usually more floppy in elder people.

Verb: to squeeze the fat of the underside of someone's chin.
To make fun of her little brother in front of his friends, she flarped him.
by maggienordenstat September 17, 2014
Someone that farts while attempting a flip or somersault like gesture.
Girl number 1-(Showing her friend a cool new flip, she suddenly lets one go(A fart))

Girl number 2-Whoa! What the hell was that?

Girl number 1-Ooops! I must of let out a flarp!...

Girl number 2-Keep those flarps to yourself!
by Italiana0 August 04, 2010
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