The act of stretching out your ball sack like a trampoline, and using it to bounce your flaccid (or partially flaccid (see half-chub)) penis up and down.

See: flappy bird nest
Mike Hawk: Dude I was bored the other day so I started playing with my flappy bird.
Jack Mehoff: Me too! But I bounced it too hard and sac taped myself.
by Remy Leus January 30, 2014
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Flappy bird - a disabled bird who can't fucking fly and has no fucking legs, the most frustrating game on the fucking planet. A bird who hits pipes on the fucking head and falls straight to the motherfucking floor. An asshole bird who gets you to tap to make him fly. He is also blind an has a vagina for a god damn mouth.

"Hey man you played flappy bird?"
"Don't even get me started on that bullshit"
by Docto January 31, 2014
If you would like to keep your sanity, I would recommend not getting this game
Flappy Bird is fun but very aggravating
by CrazyGirl1946 January 20, 2014
a game app created by satan himself
there's this little fucking yellow bird that looks like a retard with a giant eyeball and huge ass fucking red lips and no legs and little wings and is fat as fuck,, this little fat fuck cant even hold his fucking body up for two seconds, so you have to tap him to turn him on and get him flappin or else he goes straight fucking down and dies and lands on his fucking face
his only purpose in life is to fucking flap and get through the green pipes and die. why? because he doesnt have his priorities straight, and all he fucking does is fucking struggle to keep his fat ass up in the air while flying through an endless city through these dumb ass fucking green pipes
i personally think hes the way he is to mess with the people playing his game. his goal is to make all of the victims that fall prey to his sick fucking addictive game mentally unstable. smash in their 200 dollar devices over the anger his game gives his victims. he fools everyone into thinking its just a simple game with a simple goal - get through the green pipes and don't die. but no, he makes it hard as fuck to keep his fat ass in the air and dodge the green pipes.

all im saying is that if u wanna be mentally stable do not download the app
flappy bird is a fatass
by dsjksfnjknvpoop February 04, 2014
One of the few things actually harder than a Nokia phone. Known to frustrate teenagers and many young adults. The object of the game is to get the bird to "flap" through Warp-Pipes (as seen in the Super Mario series) without dying. See: insanity
Jared was playing Flappy Bird until he realised that he isn't going anywhere in his life, and that he should stop pulling his hair out and attend to his Algebra 2 homework.
by Jar_Lar January 27, 2014
The act of taking the foreskin of your penis and stretching it out and flapping it like a bird.
"My internet went down, and I was so bored I just flappy birded for a couple hours."
by Party Chewbacca January 28, 2014
Flappy bird is an evil ass game , created by who , I don't know but he/she was probably spawn by the devil. In the came you have to help this retarded fish bird fly. It's fucking stupid yet very addictive. It makes you want to beat your phone , then pick it up and play again. It's a trap and if you don't have the willpower to delete it don't download it.
I can't get past level 10 on flappy bird , fuck you phone.
by Thunderbuddykiller8 January 31, 2014
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