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A flant is a flying ant. Duh.
I think a flant just flew up my nose.
by Jen January 13, 2005
A Dave Matthews Band fan that lives in or feels endeared to Florida.

Based on a combination of FL - the Florida state abbreviation, and "Ant" - the official term for Dave Matthews Band fans (see
The FLAnts had an awesome time at the Dave Matthews Band show in West Palm Beach!
by Sun1 September 28, 2009
Basically and obviously a mix between an ant and a fly.
An ant with wings is a Flant.

Commonly seen in summer. Put under a microscope you can notice its ant-tacular body and the detail on its wingy wings.
Pull off the wings of a fly, keep aside.

Capture and ant.

Attach wings to ant.

You have a flant.
by TBX International February 21, 2011
a term used to describe popular locations to party and/or hang out.

"Lets find some flants tonight man, i wanna party."
by Joyce Myfaltzens October 14, 2008
A mix between a fly and an ant.
A flant is basically an ant that can fly and has wings.
by Calabria February 21, 2008
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