When you pull your testicles down and rub them on a girl/guys ass hole during sexuakl intercorse.
You gave her the flanker!
by Mofo April 01, 2003
Top Definition
Someone is known to cum in the first two minutes of sex and then cry.
Girl 1: Go out with him
Girl 2: No way, he's such a flanker

Paul: I have to say, he's got swagger
Kyle: Nah, he's a flanker
by ICSF March 03, 2010
From the world of commercial perfumery: When a particular fragrance, masculine or feminine, has been a huge success, its makers will often try to capitalize on its success by creating "spinoff" fragrances. These "spinoffs", called flankers, might be similar to the original olfactorily, but with a different spin or variation put on it. "Light" versions, "sport" versions, "veil" versions are common types of flanker.
Traditional SHALIMAR perfume seems heavy and musky to a whole new generation of Millennial women accustomed to fragrances which smell detergent, aquatic and ultra "clean". With this in mind, the company's house, GUERLAIN OF PARIS, has launched a new flanker: a much lighter version of the classic 1925 sexbomb, pruned of its muskier elements, called simply SHALIMAR LIGHT.
by david lincoln brooks July 20, 2008
The act of pulling down your testicals during sexual intercorse and rubbing on the ass hole of your mate.
I used the flanker on that hot chick.
by JDOGGMOFO September 30, 2003
verb. Referring to a penis losing its erection.
Upon thinking of my ex-girlfriend's pancake nipples, my penis started to flanker.
by vmharris February 03, 2010
1) While performing cunnalingus on a dead women, the act of having your friend or accomplice hit the stomach( prreferably via jumping) causing fermaldahyde to be sloshed on your face
Upon my completion of the flanker, I died as Sir Galahad died, knowing I would never be as pure as I was at that moment
by 411 j00r b453 r b310ng 2 m3 September 15, 2004
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