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A mistress, or a girl on the side, derived from the punchline of a funny joke.
Wife - Hi honey, how was your day at the cucumber factory
Husband - Not so good, I got caught putting my penis in the pickle slicer.
W - My god, what happened?
H- I got fired
w- No, I mean what happened with the pickle slicer?
H - She got fired too.
by wetcoaster September 01, 2006
This term comes from the fact that average golfers tend so say these 2 words often.
Also a funny joke
What is the difference between a bad golfer and a bad sky diver?
A bad golfer goes - whack...fuck!
A bad skydiver goes - Fuck...Whack!
Golfer swings the club -"whack"
Golfer slices into the woods - "fuck!"

I've never taken a whack-fuck lesson in my life but these $1500 set of calloway's should lower my score.
by wetcoaster September 17, 2006
A hockey move, usually performed by forwards trying to play defence. The technique involves raising one leg while the opposing player takes a shot from the point, instead of doing what you are paid to do, which is to block the shot.
The end result is usually a deflection or screening the goalie, thus causing a goal.
Most Swedish and Finnish wingers are very adept at the flamingo move.

Trevor Linden has never used the flamingo move in is life
by wetcoaster June 09, 2007
another name for the wonder product, duct tape
Joe's boots had a hole in them so he patched them up with some saskatchewan chrome
by wetcoaster June 12, 2007
The ubiquitous cotton plaid jacket, worn predominately by the upper class population of the city of Surrey, BC
Man, dude, we're going to the Dell. The least you could do is wear your Surrey sport coat. We'll probably be on 'To Serve and Protect' tonight
by wetcoaster June 11, 2007
Another name for the sport of curling. This is a game which is played mainly by middle aged, slightly overwieght men in the middle of winter. The main criteria to play this sport appears to be an ability to drink. The game itself is a strategic battle in which large stones are thrown down a sheet of ice and for some inexplicable reason, 2 men sweep the ice in front of the stone. the game is similar to bowling, in the sense that there is a lot of down time for the players, thus allowing more time to drink. (see bocce, horseshoes, darts, golf , etc.). the game is dominated by Canadians
Him - Honey, let's go out to do some eskimo bowling.
Her- Great idea, let me get my mickey and my parka
by wetcoaster September 01, 2006
The package of "cheese" that comes with a box of kraft dinner
Lunch is almost ready, I just need to stir in the agent orange
by wetcoaster May 10, 2010

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