Top Definition
1. A reference to a tongue twister gone wrong.
2. Noun, a substitute for any cuss word.
3. Chicken fingers dyed pink.
1. 'Four fingers found far from the flamingers'
2. 'Don't be such a flaminger, Lex.'
3. 'Man, this restaurant serves the best flamingers.'
by Sheena23 February 07, 2007
Someone who constantly forgets to turn off appliances and other objects which have the ability to set a building ablaze.
Person 1: 'Ryan forgot to turn off the stove again.'

Person 2: 'Wow he is becoming a real Flaminger.'
by Atommo December 07, 2010
To shove a large object into another male or transvestite's hole in the head of their penis.
Fred,if you don't watch your mouth,I'm going to have to flaminger you!
by Tara Vallenari November 09, 2007
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