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adjective describing something flamboyant and gay...
That pink shirt is sooo flaming...
by Wawa February 21, 2003
Flaming has two definitions: The first one is a homosexual man with very "gay" qualities, not to say that I have anything against homosexuals.. In other words it's a gay man who is very loud, feminine, flamboyant, loves fashion, loves techno, loves musical theater, is very sex obsessed and is very obnoxious.

The second definition is the act of being very rude to someone online usually via comments on a forum or blog or even in a chat room. It's a fine example of how people these days have no social grace. The act of flaming includes insults to a person's intelligence or somebody's mother, trying to make a fool of that person or humiliate that person, crude language, threats and intimidation, and the list goes on and on.
Example 1:

Girl: Hello there!

Flamer: Oh my gosh look at your hair it is so fabulous! I hear Clay Aiken's performing at that mall! Oh he's so hot! I should just live at the mall honey! Oh no I broke a nail! AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

Girl 2: He's nice, but wow is he flaming!

Example 2:

Flamer: Your blog is so stupid! Did you think to mention blah blah blah! Morons like you have no reason to live. Why don't you just kill yourself and suffer for all eternity! Fucktard!

Victim: Wow! What a dick. This person is obviously not worth me or my time. You just keep flaming me I'm not listening.
by ASillyMan April 25, 2010
A person you know is gay without ever speaking to them. Someone who, after you pass them on the street, you turn to the person you are walking with and say, "Man, that guy was gay."
"Did you see that stylish looking guy singing 'If I Could Turn Back Time'? He was flaming!
by Micahofhismicahness October 15, 2006
Irish slang meaning to be totally and utterly inebriated.
Jaysus, I was pure flaming last night. How did I get home?
by Damo Bun July 22, 2006
(UK slang) a swear-word added as an adjective to emphasise something, similar to bloody. Seems to be a reference to Hell.

The interjection "flaming Hell" is popular as a way of expressing shock, anger etc.
I can't get this flaming computer to work.

Oh, we've just lost 3-0. Flaming hell! I thought things would get better this season.
by Andy June 27, 2004
(on-line) Redirecting a discussion thread off topic or trying to anger others posting on the thread.
Often incorrectly called "trolling".
His flaming the discussion of Mark Twain led to a flame war.
by Doctor Bits September 24, 2013
So gay, that the gayness radiates from you.
Samwell is so flaming, that having watched his video I've become an avid listener of Elton John.
by WWITB May 03, 2008
My ass after I eat spicy food.
"I ate 25 hot wings from B Dubs last night, and now my ass is flaming."
by Severance July 14, 2006