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when a male is having sexual intercourse while on the bottom. He has his legs raised in the air with his arms around the inside wrapping around the outside. (hands usually places around ankles). the female sits on top while he thrusts his pelvis upward and legs downward ferociously.
The flaming seahorse is the best position for tight spaces.
by ya boi15 December 08, 2010
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a man lies on his back with his legs in the air. he then proceeds to wrap his arms around his legs (grabbing his ankles) and repeatedly thrusting his pelvis upward. this may also be used as a sexual position.
person 1: hey man, have you seen aaron?

person 2: nah, last i heard he's been alone in his room doing the flaming seahorse

person 1: damn...
by b_gambino September 08, 2011

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