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A drink invented by Homer J. Simpson, consisting of all the white and dark liquors, plus a special ingredient: Krusty the Klown Kough Syrup lit on fire, blown out and consumed.
Hey Homer, how about another flaming moe?
by Homer J. Simpson July 09, 2004
A brazilian stoner rock band influenced mostly by Nebula, Fu Manchu, Atomic Bitchwax and Hellacopters.
The band have the same name of the famous drink created by Homer Simpson.
"Flaming Moe is recording a new album this summer."
by Peruche March 16, 2005
A homosexual man.
"That guy's a flaming moe if he keeps hitting on guys and dreaming about blowing them or something."
by Dave January 15, 2004
The art of getting two male strippers extremely drunk, getting them bare-assed and tying them together by their cocks. Then, when they are tied up, urinating on their bellies.
I went to Men-in-Motion, found two hot strippers and broght them home and gave them a Flaming Moe.
by Moe November 17, 2003
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