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A male who is married and possibly has children but acts like a flaming queen. He may be in denial or in the closet or just overly effeminate.
Person 1: What! Christopher Lowell is Married?
Person 2: Yeah, he is a flaming heterosexual.
by jamison313 May 04, 2006
A heterosexual who is overtly sexual, absorbed, and infatuated with the opposite sex. Girl crazy(Male) Boy crazy(female) The polar opposite of a flaming homosexual. Usually a metrosexual straight man with enough money and idle time to prance around tropical islands and small countries chasing women and any other desires. A more torqued up version of a ladies man.
What a flaming heterosexual, he's got a diffrent girl everyday of the week
George Clooney single in a cocaine psychosis

by jerzeesneed August 10, 2007
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