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When a guy chases girls alot, likes alot of girls, hits on alot of girls, or is obsessed with pretty girls. I myself am the most girl crazy guy I know.

Guys from 13-18 years of age tend to be the most girl crazy. Girl crazy guys are also the least picky when it comes to dating. A guy that is truely girl crazy would date any girl that isn't a ugly or bitchy.

Guys that are truely girl crazy have a long list of girls they like & like every pretty girl they see.

A guy that is girl crazy is also a strong heterosexual.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with being girl crazy.
I like almost every girl I know. I am so girl crazy.

That guy hugs every decent looking girl he can. He is girl crazy.
by SlashinatorX July 16, 2011
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