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1)weapons that utilize liquid fire as a method of killing.
2)rather sad indviduals who spend there time on the net typing inane babble abought how everyone else are 'pussy fags' in capital letters in a pathetic attempt to pretend to be badass.
1)my granddad was a flamerthrower soldier in the second world war.
steve:oh god a flamethrower
steve:how? you don't know were i live or who i am.
by zombiejack June 19, 2004
a bouncer at a gay bar
Pete's the bouncer at a gay bar his nickname is the flamethrower
by Ed Norton December 29, 2003
When you suck a penis after a heat seeker.
David begged Mark for a flame thrower after he gave him a heat seeker lubricated with a mild sauce from a local winery in San Diego.
by yaggay January 12, 2010
a cigg with a lil coke on the filter
man that flamethrower has my lungs num !

let me hit the flamethrower nigga !
by juggalo caveman July 10, 2008
While a blindfolded female is performing fellacio on a man, the young gentlemen applies a generous portion of louisiana brand hot sauce to his genitals. Once fellacio resumes, you must block off nasal and oral breathing passages until she has fully injested hot sauce. Afterwards, the gentlemen forcably defecates in the young females mouth, repeating breathing obstruction. Once steps one and two have been completed, the most crucial step can take place. With the implementation of blunt force trauma; i.e. fist, or bat may be used. A decidedly powerful blow is directed towards the lower abdomial region, to induce forced regurgitation of said fecal matter and food flavorings.
I gave your mom a flamethrower last night.
by Kayla, Corbin, Joe October 05, 2008

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