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1. A flamboyant homosexual.

2. A person who deliberately makes inflammitory or slanderous posts on internet message boards for the purpose of starting a flame war.
1. That one dude from Will & Grace.

2. The forum member's tendancy to insult and pick fights with other users earned him a reputation as a flamer.
by Deejster June 04, 2005
a person who is so gay that you can take a glimpse and you know that there gay, im not talkin like a guy wearing a pink shirt so you just assume, im talkin bout that has-to-be-perfect streaked hair, the fuzz on the face, the tight pants, lots of gay colors, maybe being seen with a guy, the gay smile expression on their face, the whole nine yards. not that im saying if you have some of these things that your gay, but this person is such a flamer, that their either a fag, or gay,...or both... the term flamin can also be used towards someone who looks gay but isn't...meaning that there flaming. Its over all a person who is flaming with gayness and homosexuality
"OMG, gee there buddy you wouldnt want your nuts to breathe with those tight pants....flamer"
"Oh my....FLAMER"
"flamer alert"
"ahhFLAMERuhh"(fake cough)
"Man why do you like that guy he's such a flamer"
"Oh my, that buddy got some tight ass pants, fuck he's flaming"
"cock suckin flamer"
by gsnail December 15, 2005
Someone who is obviously Gay, and enjoys getting it in the anus. He goes by the name Henry
" Henry likes the boys"
by Peggy Sue December 13, 2003
A guy who likes to put it in the butt of other dudes and sometimes animals.
Did you see Tash, he is such a flamer. He even has a flaming name.
by Crissy Yo March 13, 2008
Flamer: Ryan Mccarty, Nick Page,a guy that wears colorful clothing and obsesses with men. Likes it up the butt by other men.
My parents broke up because my mommy caught my daddy with another man wrestling. mommy called him a flamer, and said she wanted a divorce.
by Kevin Phillips November 09, 2003
a very gay man
Look at that dam flamer Brandon Anderson
by Matt Anderson July 27, 2003
Inclined to a gay individual or group of gay people who are acting like a bunch of homo fags
Whoever put Chris Theriau is a fag on this page likes men and therfore are flamer white trash.
by Faster then u April 14, 2006
queer bait homeosexual who is also known as poopdick
that jordan is a real fucken flamer
by 104587245 March 30, 2006