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1. A flamboyant homosexual.

2. A person who deliberately makes inflammitory or slanderous posts on internet message boards for the purpose of starting a flame war.
1. That one dude from Will & Grace.

2. The forum member's tendancy to insult and pick fights with other users earned him a reputation as a flamer.
by Deejster June 04, 2005
A word used in history to direct a insult at a gay person for the choice they made in their sexuality.

It is now presently used for a person who is so outright loud, obnoxious, idiotic, controversial, disgraceful, pathetic, freakish, drama played, clueless, drag fairy, premature ejaculation, that uses being gay as a crutch to get close to the apposite sex as a "pity party manner" in certain situations.

That even gays are disgusted by such atrocity walking around on the planet.. giving them a bad reputation.

Chris Crocker is one of the worlds biggest Flamer..
by Helloagainmynameissir July 23, 2010
Flamer, a very open, usually obvious homosexual person. (Usually male.) A term used in the place of the word "gay", "fag", or "queer". The word is also usually meant as a joke.
Joey: "I like the color pink..."
Tom: "Dude, you're a fucking flamer..."
by Tom. :D June 21, 2009
a very flamboyant amazing homosexual
Tristin collins is a flamer
by xxxdiepreppysdiexxx November 21, 2008
A person who likes Toxic Flames. Just like a person who likes Justin Bieber is a 'Belieber' or someone who likes One Direction is a 'Directioner'.
Person-1: "Omg I saw Toxic Flames live!"
Person-2: "Wow, you're such a Flamer."
by ToxicFlamer69 May 03, 2013
A guy who shows an unnecessary amount of affection to his girlfriend over Facebook. Whether it be a message, a status or a profile picture of the two of them sharing ice cream.

Note - When the relationship is not going so well, a typical flamer will let you know... Via depressing Facebook status of course.
Guy 1 - "Did you see Dave's Facebook message to his chick last night. Some shit about taking her to Disneyland."

Guy 2 - "Sigh. The boys a fucking flamer!"
by Ronnie Red Coat March 28, 2011
Someone who thinks they are cool, but they really are not. A flamer is someone who tries to show off for everything and tries to befriend all the black people because they're all his "homies". Someone who things that they live in the hood, when it's actually a rich white neighborhood. A flamer usually tries to get fake things. For example, walmart clothing or shoes, fake brand names. A flamer is usually a homosexual male. Flamers are usually very arrogant and think that they are good at everything. Sometimes they can simply be called "flames". Flamers usually like to use ghetto language like "dawg". They have little self respect.
That flamer tried to hit on my girlfriend!

Man, I wish that flamer would just go die.

Why is that flamer wearing fake Nikes?
by akong122 April 26, 2012
flamer(1)- a person who smokes large amounts of weed or does any kind of drugs at one time.

flamer(2)-a very VERY gay person.

(1)"man, you wanna go FLAME it up tonight?, ca'mon lets go be flamer of the year."

(2)"dude, look at that guy rubbing up on that dude, whata flamer."

(3)"whata flamer."
by BRCS flamer October 02, 2009