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A masturbation technique created in ancient times by ninjas. A determined ninja warrior would summon a massive boner, while dousing it in gasoline. The ninja then sets his erection on fire and masturbates until his enormous load of ninja semem has put the flames to an end. Hense the name "Flamer Tamer". (Warning: Do not attempt without parental supervision)
Ex-Ninja Scott: "I've heard of many occasions where fellow ninja have defeated an entire army while pulling a flamer tamer at the same time."

Ex-Ninja Delta Cobra Military Squadron Matt: "Oh I didn't know that."
by Ninja Scott E. March 12, 2006
girl who hangs out with gay men, who is attractive and enjoyable to be around. Not a fag hag.
"i'm not a trashy fag hag... i'm a flamer tamer!" she said...
by gomer79 December 25, 2009
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