vintage internet term from early 1990's ( I don't read your stuff jerk !!!)
using FTP this jerk was telling me I was wrong!! I told him " just flame on dude I don't read your trash, garbage in garbage out " LOL
by itichie_nocanpo August 27, 2006
Top Definition
what people say sarcastically when pretending they are gay. refering to flamer and the human torch in fantastic 4 and making fun of him. Almost always used as a joke.

When a gay person is coming onto another gay person
George "it is tight one in this elevator aint it?"

George "hey dude look at Jason"
Bob "yeah he is really getting his flame on with rob"
by Gabriel P December 28, 2007
Have sex. Usually yelled to friends when there making a move.
Daniel:Hey Danny is making a move on his GF
Chris:Danny!Flame on!
by YeaItWasMe June 11, 2009
A loud exclamation made before farting. Can also be used in reference to farting.
Matt: Dude, I flamed on today in english class.
Nate: No way! What was it like?
Matt: It was like...FLAME ON! (FART NOISE)
by Johnny OH! April 15, 2007
When something good has occurred, this expression should take place to show that u have recognised the fact that something good has happened.
Can be done in a calm voice or in a very enthusiastic/excited voice.
Daniel's friend decides to cook a great meal for him: Daniel then says: "Flame-On"

Daniel's football team has just scored an amazing goal to win the game, and he then says: "Flame-ON"

Daniel Finds out that 3 beautiful women want to model their bikinis in front of him, he then says: "FLAME-ON"
by Daniel January 30, 2005
A command given when and individual is requesting that someone ignite their lighter or strike a match, for the purpose of lighting a cigarette, joint or a blunt.
Person 1: I got this blunt we can smoke.
Person 2: Well Flame On! Fool!
by Crixus1985 March 24, 2011
The two words uttered before gay sex.
Wallace: Are you ready to scramble my eggs? and by that i mean gay sex.
Dean: Flame On!!
by Iamgaydean November 28, 2010
American (2010) n- the hair of a gingers crotch; particularly involving that with bold red hair.
-That kid probably has a flame on.
by DanielToshJackOff911 December 23, 2010
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