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when a penis suddenly goes floppy for no apparent reason
ohhhh no youve got a fladoodle
by jean + markus June 17, 2008
51 22
A moose meat snack that looks like a mix between a cheese puff and pork rinds. Featured in the television series _iCarly_.
Can you go to the store and get me some Fladöödles?
I'm craving some Fladöödles real bad.
by RocketMeister June 04, 2010
15 5
in a gay relationship, it is the man who takes it up the ass
haha, colin acts like such a fladoodle
by kelson allen February 16, 2009
27 18
Not giving a fuck. Fladoodle replaces the word "fuck" when talking to someone you aren't able to curse in front of just use the word fladoodle to replace.
I don't give a flying fladoodle!!!!
by Jaevibes January 06, 2013
5 3
A word used to replace profanity
Jill yelled fladoodle when she tripped.
by Utonduragu March 18, 2008
23 26
any made up product usually asked for at a local superstore. (such as walmart, kmart, target, etc.) Remember to use many hand motions to describe the so called "fladoodle"
You: "Excuse me sir can you help me find some fladoodles?"
Employee: "Sorry ma'am we don't carry those."
by Pink&Blue March 01, 2009
12 18
The state of being in between a conundrum & a relationship (:
I love my fladoodle, because he's fat.
by WHATTHEFRENCHTOAST January 29, 2009
8 16