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A person, place or thing that you refer to only when you have forgotten the proper name.

Also Flabdar as a short for flabdarkidank
1. "yo let's go over to flabdar's house later"
2. "are you going to flabdarkidank's house?"
3. "hand me that flabdarkidank right there"
4. "come through mah crib, we'll burn a flabdarkidank"
5. "I stay smokin them flabdars"
6. "what's that flabdarkidank I'm talking about?"
#berka #derka #flabdar #durka #burka
by JMayZ November 03, 2006
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A Person, Place or thing in the language of Leonid Bushky!
"Hey Vlardack, I'm goin' to pick up a flabdarkidank, so we can twist up this L"

"Hey Skeeter, are you going to Flabdarkidank's house tonight?"

"Yo my nucca, come thru to the flabdarkidank! NOW!"
#cigar #blizzie #house #club #micheal bushkanets
by JMAYZ21 May 21, 2006
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