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When someone who doesn't appear to know anything about sex surprises you by rocking your sexual world and giving you an amazing orgasm.
"I kind of hooked up with Lenny this weekend." "You mean the band geek? Really?" "Yeah, but he knew how to do some things that i never would have guessed. He gave me a flabbergasm."
by DJ D-rake the leaves December 10, 2010
When something is so strange, you have an orgasm.
Sam was so interested in the conversation he had an Flabbergasm.
by Sam Ashby January 05, 2009
When something so retarded and crazy spontaniously hits you so hard you orgasm
Dude when my mom told me we were going to disney world i had the biggest flabbergasm
by Howudern January 24, 2011
When you are so bored that you think you could die, and suddenly you get a huge adrenaline rush, usually when you get an idea of something you could do instead of being bored, but it goes away almost instantly.
He was was sitting on the couch when out of nowhere he had the most amazing flabbergasm. But it didn't last...
by Eqo May 04, 2009