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The messy substance that results from Soda Bop. A mixture of cum, carbonated soda, and saliva, fizz jizz often overwhelms the person giving the Soda Bop, making him/her want to spit. This can be avoided by covering his/her mouth and pinching his/her nose, forcing them to swallow the sticky, potent conglomeration, similar to the method employed to make dogs swallow pills. It is generally advisable to let the person breathe soon after.
Chad: ohh-yeahh (ejaculates in her mouth)

Amanda: blubblubzzzzz (the mixture of cum and Sprite overwhelms her, almost causing her to drown)

Chad: Drink my fizz jizz bitch!!! (forcefully constrains her airways)

Amanda: gulllppp.....ehe, ehe, ehe (swallows and gasps for air after being forced to swallow such a massive load)

Amanda: was that.....Sprite...Remix?
by shroomdoom June 25, 2010
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