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friggin impossible zonking in kinetic studies
fiziks ate my ass today =)
by jess & maan January 05, 2004
Fiziks, is an emerging name amongst names... obscure though it may be, it has many hidden ideals behind it. Unlike mainstream "physics" today, the definition of the word can be changed simply by implementing reasonable thought, it's regarded as the only universal constant that constantly varies when used by a free-thinking individual.

Few have touched the surface...

Fiziks Suspension Frames:
This is known as the beginning of the "popularization" (if such a word could be used) of Fiziks.

also, a young biped from America's northern coniferous jungles has taken this "word" and has used it as a conveyor to explain the earth and its societies as they are and as how they should be, by compiling thoughts from the world's most logical and careful thinkers.


It is unknown, the original ideas and objectives of those who created the symbol, but recently it has expanded beyond a name. The word itself carries behind it the ideas and philosophies of an infinite, ever-expanding number of selfless and wise individuals.
Uhh.. whaa?

-George W. Bush on Fiziks
by Humdu December 15, 2006
A word with no real definition. Can be used in any context.
Julia: I'm fizik.
Jenna: How fiziky.
by fizik March 06, 2009
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