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The purest expression of a bicycle.
Everyone should get naked and ride fixies.
by Nikkinishiki December 01, 2007
The purest and simplest form of bicycle. "Fixies," usually adapted from an older (10 speed) road bike, use a single gear that is fixed directly to the back hub. Fixed-wheel bicycles do not allow the rider to coast, however, but force them to constantly pedal- making the "rider" more in touch with every move the bicycle makes. In order to stop a "fixie," one must perform a slide-stop- which involves strategic locking of ones legs. Some fixies have a front brake, but that detracts from the supposed simpleness of the bike. "Fixies" can be as much a piece of art as a functional and exciting bicycle.
"That dude has a nice set of Aerospokes on his fixie"
by A fixie builder and rider February 15, 2009