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6 definitions by Chodester

Irregularly long foreskin.
My foreskin was long enough to be considered fiveskin
by Chodester July 16, 2003
The grundle is not simply just the area between the testes, and the anus, rather it's the wormlike skin line.
My grundle looks eerily similar to the scare on Madeline's stomach.
by Chodester July 16, 2003
A female with an immaculate body, but a less than satisfactory face.

Named after popular Robert Munch character of the same name.
"this girl had a nice body, but a filthy face, so I put a paper bag on her head, and had my way with her. One might just call her a paper bag princess"
by Chodester July 16, 2003
A "Dick" that is indeed shorter than it is fat. It is short and plump, stubby and strong.

Also see:
Under and Oversized Chode for furter detail.
Jimmy beat Sarah in the face with his chode. He then stuck in her ear and spit on her face.
by Chodester August 17, 2005
Large breasts on a dogly female.
That sickening female had massive muttutters.
by Chodester July 16, 2003
A penis that's wider than it is long.
"my penis is 4'' across, and 3'' in length"
by Chodester July 16, 2003