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Slang For standard denim jeans worn by motorcyclist because on average standard jeans only last for five feet sliding across the road before its your skins turn to slow you down.
That guy just did a low side on his motorcycle and the five footers are toast.
by Astyle October 07, 2009
a nasty ass bitch, who is five feet tall, and enjoys giving sloppy blowjobs in bathrooms, as well as other various sexual activities with anything that moves, including pickle tickling nerds in public places.
"don't tell me you fucked five footer again last night."
"hey, i was mo high/drunk... and I made her call me Santa"
by Ben Galbraith January 08, 2006
mexican laborers; usually in the landscape, construction, or restuarant industry.
How many five footers you have on that crew that cuts grass?
by jamie & Melanie Skelly November 07, 2007
a bong 5 feet long. use at ur own descretion, not suited for amateur smokers... if you cant hold ur high, dont be hittin this shit.
larry took a five footer of my hair, and now hes pukin his guts out at back.
by killachronic August 01, 2005

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