a retarded ass gimmick kids with slow cars use to make their cars even slower. They are hardly better than a ricer as they use visual aid to pump up their gangsta level. In reality they are completely ruining the geometry of the car, and putting unwarranted stress on many parts.

This usually consists of dropping the cars ride height much lower than what their suspension & subframe can handle.
They then put large heavy wheels to fill wheel gap, along with tires much too small both in width and sidewall to where the outer lip of the wheel sticks out of the tire bead.
Lastly instead of correcting unwanted toe and camber, they actually increase it to the breaking point.
Now they are ready to cruise at 15 mph and show how flush their car is.
Hey check out that volkswagen/lexus, it is so fitted it broke it's control arms, and the rubber bands called tires have ripped completely off!
by Turbo M3 March 18, 2011
Top Definition
describes someone who dresses well and has good fashion sense.
Chris came up to tha club fitted!

Anthony stay fitted all the time.
by qdmasta September 02, 2003
Fitted means it is not an adjustable hat it is fitted to your head size.
Fitted to the Head size 7-3/8
by truebunner February 06, 2004
hats that can't be adjusted to your head size, instead they come in already adujusted sizes

mostly sizes are arranged by numbers such as 6 3/4 to 8 1/8

Opinion : True Fitteds created by New Era
"ayo you get dat new fitted from new era?"
"cheah cost me bout 25 dollars for dis fitted tho."
by Mike X Ella September 04, 2005
A hat that is not adjustable in size
flyer than a cap
not supposed to be form fitting on your head like a yamica. it is supposed to be tilted and a couple sizes to big unless you are a white boy in Maine.
Fitteds are fly as Hell.
the Best fitted is the Detroit D.
by Pontiac February 08, 2006
when your outfit lookz good and is coordinated
DANG.... check out that breezie sure is fitted fa sho
by Rolex4shiz January 22, 2005
An adjective used to describe someones appearance. Used when someone has a style that is both legit and unique.
My boys always fitted. He never dresses sloppy.
by Jeffrey E December 10, 2007
hat that is sized to fit the individual to their liking
Check out my new fitted..
by GEELO July 24, 2003
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