A baseball cap in hip hop culture. Usually worn by urban or skaters. It has a specified size to fit your head. The brim is flat and there is no adjuster in the back.

Usually the 5950 by New Era, but Reebok is starting to fabrcate the fitted cap too. Traditionally, you leave the sticker on the brim.

When worn on the streets by gangstas. The crips where blue or the color of their sets and they wear it to the left.
The bloods where red or their set and lean to the right.
K-Man: Yo where'd you cop that fitted?

J-Dawg: Lids.com, that's where you get it.

Derived from "So Fresh" by J-Dawg & K-Man in the 4th of July mixtape.
by The Ungrateful Roomate August 30, 2008
(adj.) to be cool, crunk, or expressing qualities of coolness and crunkness i.e. fresh, hot, the shit, etc.
(n.) popular
Stay fitted.

Ay brah, them jeans is fitted.

That's fitted.

The fitted always talked about in highschool
by coolranchie April 15, 2009
In the car scene nowadays, wheel fitment is a big deal. To achieve a "FITTED" stance, one must have suspension modifications that allow the vehicle to sit low to the ground. Next would be the right rim size and offset. While choosing the right wheels may be difficult, its all about calculations along with trial and error. Now tires are just as important as a hotdog to a bun. One must find the correct size to fit the rim and try to get the lowest sidewall possible to allow the vehicle more low and less wheel gap. Last but not least is Camber and Stretch. Camber and Stretch allows the vehicle to run wider wheels than normal and tuck directly under the fenders for a super flush fitment.
Damn foo, check out that gangster ass LS430 over there. That shit is fitted son.
by punkhop83 / Nickoli December 28, 2009
Adjective used (primarily by women) to describe clothing that is extremely tight, typically covering bare skin, yet leaving very little to the imagination. It is intended to apply to situations where the subject woman wears the subject clothing in a business or office environment where it is borderline inappropriate, yet the woman is trying to legitimize the article of clothing.
Man to woman - Your shirt is tight, I can see your nipples popping out of your chest!

Woman to man - No, it's fitted. My jeans, on the other hand, now those are tight.
by Tyler M299 April 09, 2008
a retarded ass gimmick kids with slow cars use to make their cars even slower. They are hardly better than a ricer as they use visual aid to pump up their gangsta level. In reality they are completely ruining the geometry of the car, and putting unwarranted stress on many parts.

This usually consists of dropping the cars ride height much lower than what their suspension & subframe can handle.
They then put large heavy wheels to fill wheel gap, along with tires much too small both in width and sidewall to where the outer lip of the wheel sticks out of the tire bead.
Lastly instead of correcting unwanted toe and camber, they actually increase it to the breaking point.
Now they are ready to cruise at 15 mph and show how flush their car is.
Hey check out that volkswagen/lexus, it is so fitted it broke it's control arms, and the rubber bands called tires have ripped completely off!
by Turbo M3 March 18, 2011
1. basically means a hat, or a cap, that is matching your clothing and it the right size for your head
Yo mama is fitted on my dick!!
by Detroit Playas October 03, 2003
clothes that fit your body (not baggy)

clothes that resemble an eighties style and/or your own personal stlye

mostly used in southern california
I'M fitted with the nike sb dunks

Your not fitted

I got fitts

You have no fitts

Whos more fitted
by cam bam March 23, 2008
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