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Even more wasted than shitfaced. Completely fucked up beyond belief. The most gone you have ever been, plus about 4 more beers and one illegal drug.
Wow, dude, ure pooping and peeing all over the place while singing the new britney Spears Song. You are completely fitshaced.
by Teabagger January 05, 2005
Extremely shit faced, so shit faced that you can't even say shit faced.
I'mmmm rreaa...lly fit...shhhhhhaced.
by Ian March 05, 2003
When a noob who can't hold his liquor is incredibly shit faced.

shit faced
Brian: "Dude, Steven's shit faced."
Steven: "I am so shit faced, I'm incredibly shit faced and you guys don't even know how fit shaced I really am."
Alex: "Dude, you just said 'fit shaced', I guess I'm fit shaced."
Steven: "No, only a noob can be fit shaced. Thats why I'm so fucking fit shaced."
by High Class S. Ernst March 12, 2006
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