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Even more wasted than shitfaced. Completely fucked up beyond belief. The most gone you have ever been, plus about 4 more beers and one illegal drug.
Wow, dude, ure pooping and peeing all over the place while singing the new britney Spears Song. You are completely fitshaced.
by Teabagger January 05, 2005
The best name for sex ever created
Hey baby, why dont you slip off that g-string so we can do the horizontal monkey dance.
by Teabagger January 05, 2005
The Ultimate form of BS
Nicholas totally Bray'd the interview
by TeaBagger November 08, 2013
To place one's testicles in another's mouth and then proceed to urinate up his or her nostril(s). A reference to performing the teabag . Also, an allusion to the practice of squeezing lemon juice into a glass of iced tea.

An act made famous by the massey .
Hux is such a pube. I heard that he asked a homeless man in Detroit to give him the Iced Teabag. I'll bet that stung.
by Teabagger September 20, 2004
A female who is afraid of male genitalia.
I went to meat section’s house last night to take a crap. I knew she wasn’t going to suck it so I didn’t bother turning on the shower.
by teabagger April 03, 2003
Hybrid Apparel is the most vulgar, offensive, rude, crude, distasteful, nasty, abusive, clothing ever.
p.s. I love it
He was wearing hybrid apparel
by teabagger January 30, 2004
someone who refuses to skeet for money
someone who gets no action
man, that guy is such a massimo
by teabagger June 21, 2004

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