Top Definition
Funny Bitchy aka Dayla
Dayla is fitchy and that's what makes her so awesome!
#dayla #funny #bitchy #awesome #fitchy
by blowupdoll September 04, 2014
Word for a bitchy man who looks like he should be in the window of Abercrombie and Fitch.
That fitchy man refused to say excuse me when running into a man.

He is the biggest fitch I have ever seen.
by Dustin McGinnis February 17, 2005
Fucking Bitchy
Stop acting so Fitchy!
#fucking bitchy #f.b. #common misspellings: fitchie #fitchee #etc.
by bigbuy August 03, 2009
A fake bitch
I hate her, she is completey fitchy.
#false #bitch #poser #back stabber #fake
by peelee1973 February 27, 2011
Itching as a result of friction between voluminous folds of fat.
Tom appears fitchy after consuming an entire cheese cake.
by Oh Heck November 08, 2015
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