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1.The art or act of engaging in clenching, then rasing one fist or both fists, and pumping them rythmically or out of beat to house/techno music. Variations include the side to side tricep pump and the double cross over forearm pump.
2. Going out to a social environment where this type of behavior is acceptable and the norm.
1.Bro.Fuhfugingetaboutit..once "You Don't Appreciate Me" came on at D'Jais..I was nonstop fist pumping all nite bro.
2 Cuz..Me and my crew went fist pumping at Bliss in Clifton Fri nite. Cuz..You hadda see da broads up in that joint.Owwwwee
by BigWillyXL July 15, 2008
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A ridiculous,inane activity which only tools and people from the Jersey Shore find exciting.
Me: Dude, last night was awesome. I got gang raped by every Playmate of the year from the last decade.
Jesrsey Tool:That was nothing,I was at the club fist pumping 'til the sun came up!
by takeout boy May 25, 2010
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A way to describe local clubheads in the northern part of NJ that come down south just for the summer to the beach. When you jam music or are driving with a bunch of clubheads-expect hook-ups, fist-pumping & to feel the base. Fist-pumpers pump their fist -duh NOT THEiR GASSS !
*on the way to a club or going down the shore passing a sign on the garden state parkway
Clubheads12345678910 begin fist-pumping & jamming to loud house music.*

by AngyBabi May 01, 2007
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