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1) A derogatory for a suspected slut.

2) Term coined for Gwen Stefani by the Character Clevand on "Family Guy" Season 7 Ep. 15
1) Guy 1: "Dude, your last girlfriend was such a slut, she even tried to make out with me."
Guy 2: "Yeah, she was a fishdog."

2) "To this day, I have no idea what that woman was singing about - like literally, no idea. I don't know what a 'Holla Back Girl' is, but I have to imagine it's a foul, diseased-ridden thing that wears too much make-up to cover up the fact that it's a 47 year old fishdog." - Cleveland, from Family Guy
by Mr.RockYourWorld January 03, 2011
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like a hot -dog,but made with fish fingers and cheese
fish dogs for tea,yum yum
by ianwfzr August 14, 2011

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