After sliding your finger into the cathedral you then curl your finger and pull back.
Dude I jumped inside Sally's cathedral last night and totally fish hooked her. She then left me to fuck an alcoholic.
by matty D January 02, 2005
The act of grabbing/rubbing a mans package either through the fly of his pants or over the pants. The fish hooker uses one or two fingers, curled in a hook shape to perform the manoeuvre.
Check out that dude fish hooking Wayne on the Dance floor! His fingers are going to smell like Duck Butter!
by gshuddy July 10, 2008
using your index finger to pull down a girls shirt in order to see her boobs.
I fish-hooked Anastasia last night. Those were some nice ass titties.
by HMR August 03, 2005
1. A metalic half-circle used to catch acuatic life, usually attached on string
2. A quick jab to your jawbone
3. A car pulling quickly in front another
1.I caught the fish with a fishhook
2.John was really annoying so i gave him a quick Fishhook.
3.Because of the traffic jam i had to fishhook to work
by Leyla Bornack June 12, 2007
A variation of "The Shocker" (an uninvited digit placed in the girl's anus ) in which, with the finger still up there, you "hook" back in the direction the pussy. No real purpose here other than to think to yourself while doing it, "ahhh yes the Fishhook......". Another variation called the "New Jersey Meathook" involves sticking your uninvited digit in the girl's anus while fucking her from behind. You finger is then turned upward toward her back and you pull her entire body toward you over and over while she is sliding on your cock.
No real purpose here other than to think to yourself while doing it, "ahhh yes the Fishhook......".
by August 19, 2005
while having sex with ones partner via doggy style, slide index finger into anal cavity. Then remove finger and insert into her mouth, pulling on her cheak.
I thought about giving her a dirty sanchez, but decided a fish hook would be a good way to break up the releationship too.
by Orion Belgar March 31, 2005
Fish hook- a sexual manoevre in which one person uses a finger or a thumb to form a crudely improvised hook inside the orrifice of another, followed by exerting an outward, stretching pressure on said orrifice.
"Dude, I was in the heat of the moment and I fish hooked my Mrs...didn't she get upset with me! "

"Stick that thumb in my mouth and fish hook me big boy!"
by K9GUY June 03, 2009

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