When the pussy is so loose that you can fit your head inside, in order to accomplish this tast it is best to have a bald head that has been lubed up with hot butter.
I wore your grandmas fish hat yeasterday, it was so loose enough to fit two watermellons inside.
by derty November 23, 2004
Top Definition
The female equivalent of a tea bag. When a girl lowers her genitals onto the forehead, or top of head, of an unsuspecting victim.
Dude #1 - "Lauren passes out by 10 o'clock at EVERY party."
Dude #2 - "It's all good, Melissa just gave her a fish hat. When she finds a diamond shaped hickey on her forehead tomorrow morning, she'll learn her lesson."
by RtotheJtotheT December 21, 2011
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